Millennials still think of Sanders to decide vote

Sep 27, 2016
Paola Marizan / WNIN

One of the many presidential debate watch parties last evening was held at the University of Southern Indiana with a large  presence of students and faculty. 

Even though the primaries are over the presence of Bernie Sanders loomed large over this gathering.

In the past, the majority of millennials avidly supported Sanders and the sting of his defeat is causing some, like Cody McCormick, to swing their votes to a third party. 

What it means to be Latinoaméricano

Sep 22, 2016

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, expert in Latin America and University of Evansville professor of Spanish, Dr. Diana Rodríguez Quevedo tells us about music that describes what being Latino means, her relocation to Canada as a child and about her homeland, Colombia.  


Last year, baby boomers were outnumbered by a new generation, the millennials. Who, according to the Business Journal, now make up to 38% of the U.S. workforce.

Indiana Democratic gubernatorial nominee John Gregg announced his public safety plan during an appearance in Evansville Thursday, August 25th. 

Gregg proposes reinforcing rules for sexual predators around school grounds, creating strict communication guidelines, starting in schools, between students and school employees.

Rewind: From 'colorblindness' to color conscious

Aug 24, 2016

In a time where skin color and nationality continue to play a crucial role in our lives, some prefer to confront race issues up front and start difficult conversations to help ease the tension.

One of those people is Roneshia Evans, who prefers to point out the elephant in the room and tackle it head-on. For her being African American doesn’t mean avoiding discussions on diversity.