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Wesselman Nature Society Offers Early Birding

Robins flit from feeder to branch in front of the Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve panoramic viewing window.

Bird enthusiasts tend to gravitate toward the window on their first visit, said Shelby Hall, Wesselman Woods natural resource and operations manager. Then, they move to the trails winding through one of the largest urban old-growth forests in the nation.

Every Thursday until the end of June, Wesselman Nature Society members can enter the nature preserve at 7 a.m., two hours prior to its regular opening.

The Early Bird Member Mornings allow community members to experience the forest in the cool hours before human and vehicle traffic escalate, said Hall. With no interference, birders can hear far more songs and see a greater variety of birds.

The Nature Society is also considering staying open later for members on select nights, said Hall.

While the memberships provide funding for nature preserve upkeep, they also foster greater community engagement in the Nature Society, said Hall.

Those interested in learning more about Wesselman Nature Society or becoming a member can visit their website for more information.