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Local leaders show efforts to attract and retain millennials

Last year, baby boomers were outnumbered by a new generation, the millennials. Who, according to the Business Journal, now make up to 38% of the U.S. workforce. With that in mind, local leaders are focused on engaging and retaining this generation in our region. 

“One thing that I’ve notice in a lot of boards I’m on, we hear the word they mentioned a lot when we’re on the board and it’s because when the topic of millennials come up many times, the comment is ‘well they say this’ or ‘they think this’ and so I finally started to say, you know we’ve used the word they a lot because they, millennials, are not at the table.” Mark Sebree

But for some millennials Evansville and the surrounding areas represent business opportunities and community growth.

Here’s DeAndre Wilson, a college student who is actively engaged in the local community. For him, community relations are a crucial part of community growth.

“Well, Evansville is an untapped gold mine, it really is. There’s so much that can be done; that should be done. And if you see with the development plan that’s going on, we have a good start but we have to talk the meantime because that stuff in in the future but that’s why I want to stay here.” DeAndre Wilson.

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