The Amani Connection

Just before the pandemic shut everything down, WNIN's Steve Burger traveled to East Africa to learn more about a deep and lasting connection between Evansville and the people of Kenya. 

This story has many layers, inlcuding an unlikely meeting in the dead of winter in Chicago, Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Signature School and the village of Ekerenyo in Southwestern Kenya.

Thanks to a partnership with the Youth Cafe in Nairobi, producer Angela Noi also contributed to this series.

The Amani Connection- The Sig Kids Get Involved

Jul 5, 2020
Zoom frame capture

It was a fun and wide ranging discussion when we got the original group of Signature School students together on Zoom with the current group supporting the Amani Center.

The Amani Connection- An Unlikely Meeting in Chicago

Jul 2, 2020

A 2003 meeting on a bitterly cold day in Chicago has made all the difference for thousands in East Africa.