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0000017c-83f8-d4f8-a77d-b3fd0d820000Just before the pandemic shut everything down, WNIN's Steve Burger traveled to East Africa to learn more about a deep and lasting connection between Evansville and the people of Kenya. This story has many layers, inlcuding an unlikely meeting in the dead of winter in Chicago, Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Signature School and the village of Ekerenyo in Southwestern Kenya.Thanks to a partnership with the Youth Cafe in Nairobi, producer Angela Noi also contributed to this series.

The Amani Connection- The Discussion Moves to Kenya

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Kenyan producer Angela Noi joins the project.

Kenyan journalism laws require that a foreign journalist become accredited in order to report from within Kenya. WNIN's Steve Burger began that process about two months ahead of his scheduled trip to Kenya in early March of 2020. 

Despite the early start, he was not able to get the credentials before arriving in Kenya. Rather than spending valuable time in Africa trying to get the credentials, we partnered with the folks at The Youth Cafe in Nairobi, who loaned us the services of producer Angela Noi and intern Rehema Shaban.

It was a happy turn of events. Because of Angela's involvement, we now have much richer and more authentic reporting in Kenya for this project. 

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