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0000017c-83f8-d4f8-a77d-b3fd0d820000Just before the pandemic shut everything down, WNIN's Steve Burger traveled to East Africa to learn more about a deep and lasting connection between Evansville and the people of Kenya. This story has many layers, inlcuding an unlikely meeting in the dead of winter in Chicago, Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Signature School and the village of Ekerenyo in Southwestern Kenya.Thanks to a partnership with the Youth Cafe in Nairobi, producer Angela Noi also contributed to this series.

Amani Connection- Reunited in Evansville

Steve Burger

We have a follow up on the Amani Connection series we ran last month on WNIN. 

You will recall from our Amani Connection series that Peter Mageto brought his dream of building a library in his small town in Kenya to the U.S. where Signature School students and Aldersgate United Methodist Church members raised the money to build it.

COVID has kept the family of Peter Mageto apart since January- Peter was stuck in Zimbabwe, while his wife Irene and daughter Chrystal were at home in Nariboi. It’s ironic then, that the family managed to first see each other in person, amid smiles and hugs, over eight thousand miles away, in Evansville this week.

The occasion that brought Mageto family together was to bring  Chrystal to the University of Evansville this fall to start her studies. Chrystal says she had resolved that she might not get to come to the U.S. this year because of the pandemic, but in August, travel restrictions were lifted in Kenya.

“Since the first of August, I’ve been looking at tickets and sending them to mom and dad saying, ‘Here’s the prices, Here’s the prices!”

Chrystal Mageto is planning to study music therapy at the University of Evansville. 

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