Vanderburgh County

Fink in court Thursday

Nov 3, 2016
Steve Burger

The psychologist accused of falsifying the mental evaluation of a Vanderburgh County court defendant was back in court Thursday morning.

Albert H. Fink is charged with obstruction of justice and theft in the case.  Both charges are felonies. The investigation into the evaluation prompted a mistrial and caused Vanderburgh County prosecutor Nick Hermann to review over 70 cases in which Fink had some involvement. / Indiana Youth Institute

Twenty-five percent of Vanderburgh County children lived in poverty in 2014, according to the latest Kids Count survey. That’s slightly higher than the national percent. 

The survey by the Annie Cassie Foundation says Indiana saw a 63 percent increase in children living in high poverty areas. In Indiana twenty-two percent of children lived in poverty; That’s slightly lower than Kentucky but higher than Illinois.

Indiana kids saw improvement in terms of health and education.

Rabid bat found in Vanderburgh County

Aug 25, 2015

A bat has tested positive for rabies in Vanderburgh County. In a release Tuesday afternoon, The Vanderburgh County Health said the rabid bat was found in a rural area in southern Vanderburgh County.  The release says this is the second case of rabies in bats in the county.

They caution that you should never try to touch a wild animal, and that you should ensure that your dogs, cats and ferrets have current rabies vaccinations.

New census estimates show that Evansville’s population dipped slightly last year, while Vanderburgh County’s grew. 

The U.S. Census Bureau says the full county headcount topped 182,000 in 2014, up nearly 500 people from 2013.

It continues a growing trend for the county, up more than 2,300 since 2010.

The new census data shows a leveling-off of growth within the Evansville city limits, as the population dipped by 30 residents to 120,346. That ended a trend of slow population growth dating back to 2010.

New software for city, county

Nov 19, 2014

Evansville and Vanderburgh County governments are upgrading their software to better connect residents and their elected officials.

Officials say new cloud-based software will be integrated into the city-county website, providing a streamlined process for finding who sits on city and county board and commissions, archived audio and video of local meetings, interactive meeting agendas, and a citizens forum.

The software agreement will cost $16,000 in 2015, and $30,000 in 2016. The cost will be split equally between the city and county governments.