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0000017c-83f8-d4f8-a77d-b3fd0c3b0001¿Qué Pasa, Midwest? is a bilingual podcast that creates a sense of community for Midwestern Latinx who are missing an essential piece of their cultural identity. We do that by sharing their stories to create a sense of hope and alliance. We also foster education on divisive issues. Let us know what's happening, en tu ciudad, in your city! Submit your ideas! Dejanos saber de que estan hablando en el Medio Oeste.

¿QPM? S5 EP 8: La lucha después de la nube de polvo

En este episodio we talk to Antonia Quiñones Peña, Kim Wasserman and John Hazinski sobre la implosión de una chimenea en una planta de carbón en La Villita, la justicia medioambiental y el plan sobre cómo avanzar.

Our contributor Karli Goldenberg talks with la activista Kim Wasserman, residente de la Villita Antonia Quiñones Peña y el abogado John Hazinski about the implosion and continued demolition en la Villita, environmental justice and what community members would like to see moving forward.

Kim Wasserman (Source: Little Village Environmental Justice Organization)
John Hazinski (Source: Loevy & Loevy)

"That’s not a disparity, a disparity is a difference, it’s an inequity. And the difference between a disparity and an inequity is that an inequity is inherently unjust. So, inequality is an affliction all by itself. It’s the epidemic of inequality that COVID exposes."— Dr. David A. Ansell


Nuestra canción para este episodio es “Sana Sana” by Alejandro y Maria Laura, a song that reimagines the healing song of Sana Sana and applies it to the environment’s natural resources.

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