¿QPM? S5 EP 7: Giving back to la comunidad one meal at a time

Aug 21, 2020

Courtesy of La Cocinita

En este episodio we talk to Chef Benoit Angulo about how COVID-19 has brought La Cocinita Restaurant back to its food truck roots and allowed for them to donate over 7,000 meals to date across Chicagoland. 

Rachel and Benoit Angulo, owners of La Cocinita Restaurant and food trucks, have teamed up to donate meals a los más afectados por el coronavirus.

La Cocinita's food truck (Courtesy of Rachel Angulo)

We had this humongous change, like this monumental change on everything that we were doing, and I like how although stressful, and I lost a lot of sleep over it, I like how we were able to get together and figure out a way to make stuff happen. That will be like the thing that I will look back on. -Benoit Angulo

The song para este episodio es "Chocolate" by Jesse & Joy.