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Woman accused of leaving small children home alone


An Evansville woman is accused of leaving three small children locked in a bedroom while she went to work. 

Evansville Police say officers were called to 1316 Henning Avenue Monday evening for a report of children left unattended in the home. 

In a news release, the EPD said officers found the children, all under the age of 3, in a bedroom that was dead-bolted shut.

Police said officers had to climb through an unlocked window and then use force to open the locked door and reach the children.

Officers said the kids didn’t have food or water and the only access to a toilet was a training potty that was in the room with them.

They said the youngest had a soiled diaper.

Police say the children told officers their mom was at work.

Police located 27-year-old Lakeyvia Delk and arrested her on 3 counts of Child Neglect. 

Police said Child Protection Services removed the children from the home.

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