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Rewind: Understanding the world through online news


With the overload of online news and information, sometimes we have to take a minute – pause— and analyze. The rapid current of images, videos and world events flood our days making an impact in our judgment. Where to spend our money, where to go on vacation or what politician you should vote for are all choices that are influenced by the media.

Erin Gibson, Journalism instructor, says this new wave of online reporting has allowed many to deliberately shut out factual news that goes against their ideals.

“And sometimes we turn off a message if it doesn’t conform with those beliefs. Despite verified information and factual evidence. We kind of have a war on facts.”

Gibson, one of this year’s TEDxEvansville speakers, says the social media and news merger has left locals with fewer news sources and less friendly competition among newsrooms to produce the best stories. She says the online presence of newsrooms has shifted the demographics they reach becoming more prominent among young people. 

Gibson says, with her talk, she hopes to inspire in a broad range of groups and people the curiosity of understanding more about the world around us. To pause before we play. 

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