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TEDx returns to Evansville; inspires local engagement

Credit Nick Basham / WNIN

Resurrecting dead languages, intentional inclusiveness and second chances were just some of the topics presented at the TEDx event by local advocates, last year. 

Inspired by these topics, community activist Stacey Godbold decided to recreate a ‘Before I die, I want to’ wall, an event where community neighbors reflected on their lives.  

“It was really fun to see a community come together, with so many different kinds of people and it didn’t matter who you were or what you were, you were writing on that board with a member of the community. So, the response was really different. You had ‘I wanna be a grandmother to ‘I just want to find love’ to ‘I want to be a superman’.”

With this year’s theme, “Pause. Play. Fast-Forward.”, TEDxEvansville looks ahead. What moves our city forward? Nine locals will try to answer that question by sharing their ideas in hopes of inspiring community engagement and development.

As part of the 'Rewind' series, WNIN will have profiles of each TEDxEvansville speaker every Tuesday between now and the event. Ted x Evansville will take place October first at the Evansville Museum.

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