Religious Conservative Groups Lose In RFRA Fix Lawsuit

Nov 26, 2019

An Indiana judge handed religious conservative groups a loss in their lawsuit challenging the so-called “fix” to the state’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA.

AG Hill Calls Church Of Cannabis Lawsuit A Legal Stunt

Dec 18, 2017

Attorney General Curtis Hill says the First Church of Cannabis and its lawsuit against the state are a political crusade turned legal stunt.

Jehovah's Witnesses: all are welcome

Jun 16, 2015

A spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses says the group is not concerned about Indiana’s controversial religious objections law. 

The group is conducting its annual convention in Evansville, with a second weekend of sessions beginning Friday at the Ford Center.

Coordinator Harvey Johnson tells WNIN that RFRA is not a factor, and he says everyone's welcome at the convention.


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, into last month, sparking vocal opposition from Indiana-based corporations, universities -- and even Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Opponents mounted protests across the state, including Evansville. The Governor responded by adding an protecting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer  community from discrimination nearly a week later.

RFRA leads to local cancellations

Apr 6, 2015

The Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau has received four cancellations due to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 

The cancellations occurred before RFRA was amended, Bureau Director Bob Warren told WNIN. They included three family vacations and a small corporate meeting.

Warren says he doesn’t know how much revenue might have been lost because of the corporate cancellation. 

The convention bureau is in touch with others across the state, Warren said. But it's not planning a new campaign to attract visitors – at least not yet.