¿QPM? S4 EP 3: We filled out a census sample questionnaire and I got frustrated

Nov 6, 2019

In this episodio, our co producer Mareea Thomas and I thought we would dive right into the census. Many millennials haven’t filled the census either so for this episodio we’ll fill out the 2020 census sample questionnaire we found on census.gov. 

The census can be confusing for some, pero cuando le añades misinformation, it can get a lot trickier. El censo has made an effort to fight against misinformation on social media. And it got plenty of attention.

After setting up the email address, rumors@census.gov, the bureau reported being asked if non-citizens will be counted on the census. Yes, undocumented people will be counted on the census. The citizenship question will not be on it. 

Song: Latinoamérica by Artist Calle 13 Feat. Totó La Momposina, Susana Baca and María Rita.

Sources: NPR census reporter Hansi Lo Wang.

See the sample questionnaire HERE.