How Will Students E-Learn?

Mar 18, 2020

EVSC Superintendent David Smith speaking at a Civic Center news conference on Tuesday
Credit John Gibson / WNIN

Switching from classrooms to computers can be a challenge for teachers and students. 

Evansville Vanderburgh School Superintendent David Smith says learning will take on different forms if the coronavirus stops classes from resuming at brick-and-mortar schools…

"And not all our families have access to technology, not all of our students in particular grade levels took home a device. But we're also working wth community partners to make certain we can provide great learning opporuntities for our kids."

The EVSC is out until at least  April 13th.

Both UE and USI have gone online for the rest of the semester.

USI President Ron Rochon said teachers are involved in the process…

"Faculty are engaged in this process, they're working together. We have some faculty who have been online for years already."

But UE President Christopher Pietruszkiewicz admitted transitioning from classroom to computer can be challenging…

"Some classes are gouing to be much more difficult than others, as you might imagine. Trying to figure out how civil engineering students do a senior project that they have historically done together."

Ivy Tech Chancellor Daniela Vidal noted about half of Ivy Tech’s courses are already online.