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Peggy Pirro

  • Britni & Troy Teeters raise pigs and goats and chickens and grow herbs and vegetables on their rural Vanderburgh County homestead. Moonlight Hollow Farm hosts a metal shop, a soap-making facility, an herb garden, and an AirBnB camper for guests. It’s a bit of renaissance farming on Evansville’s west side.
  • Jubilee Woolley Fly hosts foraging classes and an eclectic mix of events on her small farm in Northern Vanderburgh County. In this episode we talk about how she interacts with the energy of her farm, how agro-tourism fits into the picture, and how she creates her “yard pesto.”
  • Chef Bonnie gives us a quick course in fusion cuisine, including a history of one of its earliest examples, the Nikkei cuisine of Peru. We talk restaurant work, cooking for friends, and what happens when you don't like the traditional foods of your childhood.
  • Roaster and cafe owner Alex Gale joins us to talk about his New Harmony shop, his devotion to providing a quality experience to his customers and his community, and what it means to offer someone a really good cup of coffee.
  • In this episode host Peggy Pirro talks with two of the founders of Bedford Collab, a shared kitchen spacing coming soon to Evansville's south side. DeAndre Wilson and Merrick Korack share their vision for a collaborative space that will support local food-based businesses, and their ongoing work to bring that vision to life.
  • In this Season 2 opener, host Peggy Pirro welcomes orchardist Kristi Schulz to discuss her family’s 5,000-tree U-Pick orchard and the satisfaction of helping people discover the astonishing gift that a fresh peach right off the tree can be.
  • Chef and cooking instructor Aimee Blume writes about food for the Evansville Courier Press. In this episode she shares what excites her about the food scene in our city.
  • Urban Seeds new Executive Director Maria Marton is getting to know growers, visiting local farms and farmers markets, talking food access with local organizations, and meeting local food entrepreneurs who are making things happen in our community.
  • Mary Winstead builds relationships and community as she and her family grow vegetables on their two-acre farm in suburban Warrick County.
  • Jenny Lamble is a former high school counselor who opened the Be Happy Pie Company storefront in Evansville in 2017, after baking pies out of her home kitchen for two years and selling them at local farmers markets. Jenny has pie tips to share and a few things to say about running a company whose mission is to add some happiness to the world.