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Council Vote to Address Gun Violence

Steve Burger

The Evansville  City Council voted funds to address gun violence in the city Monday at their regular meeting.  

The council voted to spend $100,000 this year to launch a partnership with the National Network for Safe Communities or NNSC, which is part of the City University of New York.

In a presentation to the council over their web feed, NNSC Director of Group Violence Intervention Louisa Aviles told the council that they will work with the city to set up a framework for how to address gun violence rather than set up a specific program.

Aviles said they will work with local police and agencies to identify the key groups responsible for the gun violence, then work with official sources such as parole officers, who can identify individuals who can be required to meet and discuss the issues as a condition of their parole, for example.

“So, a mix of those sorts of communication mechanisms, right, is how we work with the city to open those lines of communication, in both real time and strategically, at intervals," Aviles said, "To make sure the groups know how the city is organizing itself to respond to violence."

The total cost of the partnership will be $385,000 that will be paid over three years.

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