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QPM? S2 EP 5: La importancia of education for Latinos

En este episodio hablamos de la importancia de la educación en familias Latinas. Getting a degree is not easy for a lot of immigrants, first generation graduates and for low income families. First, navigating through the system to sign up, llenar la FAFSA, escoger the right classes, the scholarships and all the resources that they often don't know about, etc. And then the difference in cultures, the pressure of finishing school and taking care of their families.

Cesar Roman works with diverse communities informing them of the options they have to obtain a better education for their children. He says the lack of education for the parents on what's the best option for their children often hinders the possibilities of better options. He said the lack of information in their native language is also a factor on why parents don't know what their options are for their kids. 

More information on www.myschooloptions.org 

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