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Nigerian Dwarf goats help teach campers about farm life

Romeo, Prince Charming, Wasabi, Juliet and other Nigerian Dwarf goats, born in the Spring, are attracting locals to Blue Heron farms.

Owners Curtis and Jill Ingram say their passion for the local farmland has encouraged them to pass this knowledge along.

“I feel more comfortable being out in the country, being with real livestock rather than being in the city life. I use to work in retail and I’ve work factory and I was more interested in staying back where I was at, coming home doing the shores, messing with the livestock versus just to a nine-for-five and coming home and not doing anything else.”

Jill says it’s important to them that this new generation continues working the land. Including their eighteen-month-old toddler.

“I can really see him, as he grows up, being more of a part of this, continuing forage like we did and working with the animals.”

Horses, chickens, and other animals roam the Blue Heron farm, where campers milk, play and train baby goats. 

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