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Rewind: Healthcare lacks humanity

Paola Marizan

A visit to the physician usually involves a long time in the waiting room and a quick check-up with the caregiver. Seldom do we talk about our feelings and relationships, but some think it’s all connected. Our bodies ache because our spirit, soul or mind is restless.

“There can be imbalances on one of those layers or all of those layers and I think in medicine today we’re just treating the physical body which is great for a time but I’m interested in healing from a deep level.” said Physician Kay Corpus.

Corpus specializes in integrative medicine, a natural approach to healing. She's one of this year’s TEDxEvansville speakers. She says she’s not against conventional medicine but after years of practice understanding her patients have become crucial.

Credit Paola Marizan / WNIN
Physician Kay Corpus practices daily Yoga.

“But this is the way medicine started. Those guys back then were about the moon and the stars and really asking these deeper questions and you know people just want to be seen, heard and mattered. I mean, that’s the humanity that I feel like it’s lacking in healthcare these days.”

Corpus has practiced nationally and internationally and plans on integrating this mindful medicine into our community.

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