Day Out on the Ohio River

A barge tow headed up river at the bend at Evansville.
Credit Steve Burger / WNIN

It is the most prominent geographic feature in our lives, but how much do we really know about the Ohio River? Join us for this journey from Owensboro to Mt. Vernon when we look at all things along, on and under the river.

Music Comes Through The Ohio River, Changing The City.

Mar 28, 2019
Couries and Press Newspaper

From the Mid-nineteenth century to the beginning of World War II, showboats would come through the Ohio River and stop in Evansville bringing new faces, interesting food and catchy rhythms with them. From that, a lot sparked in the city, creating new music societies, bands, and songs that talked about the war. 


Evansville's history is a close one with the war and the Ohio River was key to making that history happen.

Day Out- Owensboro Mayor Tom Watson

Mar 28, 2019
Steve Burger / WNIN

WNIN's Steve Burger talked with Owensboro Mayor Tom Watson on a beautiful day in March, while 

standing in Smothers Park with other downtown developments, like the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum nearby. 

They discussed current and future projects on the riverfront, where $140 million in 

improvements are nearing completion. They talked about what Owensboro is doing to raise up young leaders to continue that progress and what makes up the heart and soul of the city.