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A barge tow heads upriver at the Evansville bend. Commerce and culture combine to make a rich history for the Ohio River in our area.On Thursday, March 28th, 2019, WNIN-FM broadcast interviews, features and stories throughout the day from Morning Edition through All Things Considered. Here is that coverage of all things along, on and under the Ohio River from Owensboro to Mt. Vernon.

Music Comes Through The Ohio River, Changing The City.

From the Mid-nineteenth century to the beginning of World War II, showboats would come through the Ohio River and stop in Evansville bringing new faces, interesting food and catchy rhythms with them. From that, a lot sparked in the city, creating new music societies, bands, and songs that talked about the war. 


Evansville's history is a close one with the war and the Ohio River was key to making that history happen.







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