COVID Between the Coasts

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In 2020, WNIN, the Center for Innovation and Change at the University of Evansville and ¿Qué Pasa, Midwest? collaborated on a seven month research and reporting project to find stories of the coronavirus pandemic in seven Midwestern states.

Students from two UE ChangeLab classes provided substantial data and reporting resources for this project. Explore their work here and the entire CBC series below. 

COVID Between the Coasts is an ongoing project. If you know of a Midwestern story of the pandemic that has not been told, let us know.

CBC: Binge Listen to Season One

The reporting was research driven. Dr. Darrin Weber and his fall semester ChangeLab class students, Maya Frederick, Timmy Miller, Ethan Morlock and Pearl Muensterman gathered, cleaned and created visualizations of demographic and coronavirus data in our selected region. Their work culminated in an extensive data visualization of the coronavirus progression in our seven state project area. Learn more about the app and research.

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CBC: Data Confirms Pandemic Models

Sep 4, 2021

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a tool created by a University of Evansville ChangeLab class has been logging and archiving daily county by county data for a seven state area of the Midwest

WNIN-UE Collaboration Receives National Honor

Aug 17, 2021

COVID Between the Coasts honored with a national Edward R. Murrow award for innovation.

Crisis Response Fund Wrapping Up Pandemic Role

Jun 28, 2021
Steve Burger / WNIN-FM

As recovery from the pandemic continues, the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund of the Greater Evansville Region will make its last disbursements later this summer. 

Steve Burger / WNIN-FM

One of the most enduring memories of the pandemic is the weekly Feed Evansville traffic jam.

Steve Burger / WNIN-FM

With social media proving to be a breeding ground for misinformation on the coronavirus and vaccines, finding ways to address that and educate people is a major topic these days. It turns out there is a group with a lot of experience dealing with misinformation and viruses.