The number of Hoosiers who are members of labor unions is at its lowest point in two decades, even as workplace safety issues in the pandemic may be sparking more interest in organized labor.

Changes made Thursday to a House bill would give the legislature more power to weigh in on emergency declarations made by a governor.

Small businesses in Indiana are one step closer to having access to additional financial aid from the state. House Bill 1004, passed by the Indiana House Tuesday, will provide funds to help small businesses that have been hit hard during the pandemic.

The pandemic has led to a lot of confusion about whether it's safe to bring reusable bags into grocery stores. While some stores allow them, others don’t. The science on how the virus spreads has evolved — and some question the need to continue reusable bag bans.

Indiana showed some improvement in economic well-being and education outcomes for children, according to an annual report, but the state still struggles to improve children’s health.