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Lauren Chapman

The Internal Revenue Service is shedding light on the timeline for solar projects, including in Indiana, to get the biggest federal tax incentives. 

Indiana is one of 15 states that pushed for a federal district court to dismiss a lawsuit against oil and gas companies that contribute to climate issues. The states got their wish this week. 

Indiana union leaders say a pivotal U.S. Supreme Court decision handed down Wednesday won’t have a direct impact on the state, but could change the way those groups receive support from national affiliates.

Notre Dame Sued Over Birth Control Coverage

Jun 26, 2018
Jennifer Weingart


A group of organizations filed suit against the Trump Administration and the University of Notre Dame over changes to birth control coverage for students and employees.

A group of students and staff called Irish 4 Reproductive Health are suing because the University will stop offering co-pay free birth control starting July first.

Overwhelming heat – like the more than 90 degree temperatures Indiana has seen in recent weeks and may see again soon – can be deadly for student athletes, but a new state law means this is the last summer some athletic coaches in the state may not have training to spot heat-related illnesses.