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For the past ten years, staff and students at the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center have changed the face of technical education in our area.From the back room and basements of scattered high schools in a five county area, the students came together in a bright, spacious new facility in 2006. They spend half days at the center, learning specific aspects of ten different career areas.On Friday, February 26, 2016, WNIN-FM broke out of the studio for a Day Out at the SICTC. Through live and recorded interviews and unique features produced by SICTC telecommunications students, we told their stories. Please enjoy our coverage as you learn more about this important education center in our area.

Day Out-Mesker Zoo and Botanic Garden

Steve Burger

On Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015, WNIN-FM spent the morning at Mesker Zoo and Botanic Garden in Evansville. WNIN's Day Out broadcasts have become a staple of Tri-State journalism as we seek to provide comprehensive coverage to all of the communities in our service area.


Credit Steve Burger / WNIN

   Coming into Amazonia in the dark at 5am Thursday, the quiet beauty of the annual Orchid Escape exhibit was evident in the warmth of Amazonia, in sharp contrast to outside temperatures in the low 20's outside. As the day dawned, the birds and animals of Amazonia came alive, and throughout the morning, you'll hear them in thee backhground of our coverage.

Mesker Zoo and Botanic Garden spokesperson Abigail Adler talks about the zoo's programs.


Botanic curator Paul Bouseman discusses the Orchid Escape and other zoo exhibits


Catherine Zimmerman, spokesperson for the Indiana University School of Medicine, talks about progress toward the downtown campus for Evansville.


Evansville Director of Metropolitan Development Kelly Coures discusses the McCurdy Hotel, the downtown convention center hotel project, and progress toward saving the historic Owen block building.


Credit Steve Burger / WNIN
John Gibson talks with representatives of the Southwest Indiana Arts Council

John talks with representatives of the transgender community about issues and legislation affecting these Tri-State residents.


John discusses a new downtown Evansville event to put on your weekly calendar, and other programs of the

   Southwest Indiana Arts Council.

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