EPD, VCSO Focused on Potential Crime during Pandemic

Mar 25, 2020

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Police agencies are warning against taking advantage of residents or businesses during the pandemic. 

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and Evansville Police Department issued a release to clarify local law enforcement response to the governor’s COVID-19 travel and business restrictions.

In the release, the agencies say sheriff’s deputies and police officers have been ordered to focus on protecting citizens and businesses from those few members of the community who may see the pandemic as an opportunity to commit crime.

The agencies say anyone bold enough to take advantage of citizens and business owners during the crisis will “soon be sheltering in place at the Vanderburgh County Jail.”

Sheriff Dave Wedding and Chief Billy Bolin said deputies and police officers do not want to ticket residents for violating the order to stay home.

They say they want voluntary compliance through open dialogue and education.

The authorities say we must protect at-risk populations from infection to give medical service providers the space they need to function.

Residents are urged to check on elderly and sick neighbors, while maintaining social distance.

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