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Coroner: Bones, Skull Not Teague's Remains



A skull and bones found near the Ohio River in Henderson County are NOT those of Heather Teague. 


County Coroner Bruce Farmer says dental records did not match those of the Madisonville woman who disappeared 36 years ago while sunbathing by the river.

Farmer tells WNIN that the remains have been transferred to the University of Tennessee's Forensic Anthropology Center.

He said it will likely be difficult to identify them, unless dental records are available to compare.

A Newburgh man told police in 1995 that he was looking across the river through a telescope and saw Teague being abducted by a man with a gun.

Five days later, Marty Dill of Henderson County -- who was identified as a suspect -- killed himself as police tried to serve a search warrant at his home. 

Teague has never been found.