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Equality Day Recognized Without Luncheon or Astronaut Jemison

John Gibson

Despite a cancelled luncheon, Equality Day was celebrated in Evansville Thursday. 


COVID-19 concerns prompted officials to again postpone the commemoration of American women getting the vote in 1920.

But officials did conduct a press conference at the YWCA in Downtown Evansville, where event chair Sheila Huff said women still face an uphill battle.

"Women continue to fight against second class treatment which can be seen in the lack of women in the C suite, in the boardrooms, in politics, and particularly in pay."

Huff also asked for community support.

"We know our worth and our appeal is to join our effort to enpower and break down barriers for women. For those who do not want to get on board we're not asking, we're demanding that you get up and get out  of the way."

Huff announced the recipient of the Albion Fellows Bacon Inspirational Leader Award, Linda White of Deaconess Health.

The Unsung Heroes Award went to five essential workers, including a COVID nurse at Deaconess, a public health nurse at a vaccine clinic, a high school cafeteria leader, a cook at an early learning center, and a grocery store worker.

For a second straight year, a visit from astronaut, engineer, and physician Dr. Mae C. Jemison was postponed.

The group distributed cookies in the shapes of astronauts, rockets, and lab beakers to local schools and women’s shelters.

Credit John Gibson

Above: Sheila Huff, Chair of the Women's Equality Day Centennial Celebration, spoke to reporters at the YWCA.