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Details Released in Hermann Settlement


More details are coming out about the settlement, including the amount.

In the lawsuit, former prosecutor’s office employee Samantha Merideth said that Hermann sexually harassed and assaulted her while the two were at a business conference in Chicago in 2013.

According to Merideth’s attorney, Brandon Danks, they reached a damage settlement of $75,000, $45,000 of which was to be paid by Vanderburgh County and the remaining $30,000 by the state of Indiana.

WNIN has confirmed that a payment by the county of $45,000 was requested by Brandon Danks’ law firm last week. In a statement, Danks said that the state has not yet approved the payment of $30,000, but that is expected later this month.

In an interview, Danks said that Hermann admitted under oath during a deposition that he was alone with Merideth in his hotel room at the conference, that he made comments about her appearance,  put her in handcuffs and showed her his firearm. We have reached out to Hermann for comment on the settlement. 

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