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City Flag Project Put On Hold

John Gibson

An effort to create a new Evansville flag has ended for now. 

Organizers called an early end to public voting on the final designs.

The Evansville Flag Project released a written statement Tuesday saying it stopped voting because city officials didn't support the final four designs.

The statement said more than 3,300 people had voted already since the designs were released last week.

Voting was to have lasted through June.

In the statement, the Evansville Flag Project thanked what it called the “wonderful and dedicated” community leaders on the group’s Selection Committee.

The group also thanked its Design Committee.

The four flag designs received numerous complaints on social media, including comments that a crescent on two of the potential flags looked Middle Eastern.

Evansville's current city flag was adopted in 1954 by then-Mayor Henry Robert. It consists of the city seal on a dark blue background.

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