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Multi-State Probe Leads to Arrest in Overdose Death

John Gibson

Authorities have arrested an Evansville man accused in the drug-related death of a Henderson woman. 

Twenty eight-year-old Johntavis Matlock is charged with selling illegal drugs that caused 28-year-old Lindsey Wiley to die of an overdose in February.

Acting U.S. Attorney John Childress told reporters at the Federal Building in Evansville Tuesday that Matlock continued to sell drugs to Wiley after an overdose.

"It is alleged that Matlock regularly sold Lindsey Wiley heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil, and that on one occasion Wiley overdosed but was revived and yet on another occasion overdosed and died from the drugs distributed by Matlock."

Childress said dealers must be held accountable for putting profits ahead of concern for their clients.

DEA Assistant Special Agent J. Michael Gannon said it’s a battle to keep dangerous drugs out of the country.

"They're getting the chemicals from China, they're being manufactured in clandestine laboratories in Mexico, and then flooded into the United States. And throughout the whole country it's in the millions of pills that are being seized. In Indiana alone I can tell you that we've siezed in the hundreds of thousands."

Authorities say if convicted, Matlock could face up to life in prison.

Credit John Gibson