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Deaconess nurse Craig Meier gets one of the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine delivered to the Tri-State.2020...and now 2021 will go down in history- its full impact is still being written. Here is WNIN, IPBS and Side Effects complete coverage.

A Shot in the Arm

Sarah Kuper

It’s been said that by focusing on numbers in the pandemic, we’re missing the human story. Bear with us for a moment for one more numbers story.

On the day President Biden mourned with the nation over passing the half million mark in coronavirus-related deaths, Deaconess Hospital’s downtown Evansville COVID vaccine clinic administered eight hundred forty doses of one of the vaccines that has been approved for emergency use.

But at the end of another twelve hour day of operations, they had one dose left. I saw it, laying on the nurse’s desk after the clinic had officially closed.

This past Monday, patient number eight hundred and forty one to receive the vaccine at the Deaconess downtown clinic was….me.

I had rushed down after getting a phone call that my turn on their waiting list had come up. The last dose of the day of the Pfizer vaccine went into my left arm. I waited the obligatory fifteen minutes while chatting with the staff in the otherwise empty clinic and then went home.

You know, it felt pretty good, but I spent an uneasy night thinking of all I’ve been through in the past year….what we’ve all been through. Shots in arms is the mantra of the vaccine clinic crew. I get it now. 

Vaccine Resources. As of Tuesday, Feb. 23, those age 60 and over can now sign up:

Our Shot Indiana

Deaconess Sign up and Wait List

Ascension St. Vincent Sign Up and Wait List 812-485-4265

Vanderburgh County Wait List

Henderson Vaccine Sign Up

Owensboro Vaccine Sign Up

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