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UE Faculty Committee Responds to Trustees

Steve Burger

A University of Evansville faculty committee has responded to trustees and a statewide organization representing them has opened an investigation into the realignment plan at the school. 

In responding to the email sent last week by UE trustees to the faculty, the faculty senate executive committee Wednesday pushed back on the trustees’ assertion that it’s not necessary to have faculty input in the school’s overall realignment plan.

The faculty point to the limited data that was given to them by the UE administration that is supposed to inform the faculty’s input into the academic realignment plan as the reason the faculty should be more involved.

The opening  of the faculty’s response reads, in part, “We also agree with the key point of your letter: The University of Evansville’s financial situation is not sustainable.”

On Tuesday, the Indiana chapter of the American Association of University Professors announced they would be looking into UE’s realignment plan, since school policies state that AAUP guidelines for shared governance will be followed at the school. 

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