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Voters Play Their Role in the Process

Steve Burger

Tuesday, the remaining voters had their say in who will lead the nation as well as locally.  

Three voters, three different answers when we asked them what they hoped their votes accomplished on election day. 

Fabian Joyce: "More like coronavirus, getting that straightened out. The economy. My vote counts for equal rights, you know, racial division, getting all of that straightened out, stuff like that."

Kristen Nellis: "I just thought everyone should have a voice, regardless of what that is. I feel that everyone should do their part and vote for whoever they choose, whoever they think will be the best candidate."

Joseph Crawford: "Actually understand where we're coming from, versus what they've heard we are. So like for example, instead of throwing more money at the problem, try to fix it."

Normally a busy voting location with long lines, because of the high early voter turnout, the Washington Square Mall polling location experienced short wait times for most of the day on Tuesday.

Monday evening, Vanderburgh County Clerk Carla Hayden issued a news release saying that workers will begin tabulating in person early votes at 7am Wednesday.

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