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EPD: Beware of Panhandlers


Evansville Police are warning of panhandlers who may be scamming motorists. 

In a release, EPD Sgt. Nick Winsett is alerting drivers of people wearing yellow traffic vests and panhandling for money at intersections, including Burkhardt and Morgan and Burkhardt and the Lloyd Expressway.

Police say the panhandlers have been seen walking out into intersections and asking for money, which is a violation of panhandling code.

The EPD also says the group is from Florida and claims to be affiliated with a church there, with money going to help the homeless – but the affiliated church could not be located.

Police say they contacted a member of the group and told them about Indiana’s Panhandling Law.

The member advised that the money generated in Evansville was being used to help the homeless in Florida and not being used in the Evansville area.