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Deaconess nurse Craig Meier gets one of the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine delivered to the Tri-State.2020...and now 2021 will go down in history- its full impact is still being written. Here is WNIN, IPBS and Side Effects complete coverage.

New Program to Help Food Insecure During Pandemic

Feed Evansville

The Feed Evansville Task Force is launching another program to make food more available to people living in food insecure areas of the city. 

Starting next Monday, April 13th, people in several areas of Evansville will have basic food items available for a cost of $40 a week. Low income families will be able to pay for their food using Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.

Feed Evansville Task Force organizer Lisa Vaughan says they're working with Urban Seeds to create the Feed Evansville Grocery Buying Service. The service will have things like fruits and vegetables along with milk, bread and eggs and meat. People using the service place an order online by Thursday of each week with items available for pickup or delivery the following Monday. Vaughan says the service is needed in some parts of Evansville.

Vaughan said, “We have an elderly population that can’t get out to the store and be safe. We also have a population that has SNAP and either through transportation issues or maybe a single parent who can’t leave their children home alone, they’re not able to get to the store and have food access.”

Feed Evansville is working with Urban Seeds so low income families can use their SNAP benefits to pay for the food. The Feed Evansville Grocery Buying Service pickup locations are listed below. Delivery information is available when you will out the weekly form:

CK Newsome Center , 100 E Walnut

Progressive Holy Temple, 1700 Pollack Avenue

Zion Baptist Church, 1800 S. Governor

Young & Established, 1308 Vann Ave.

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