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Vanderbugh Co. Unveils Crime Victim Resource Website

Isaiah Seibert

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office has unveiled a new website for victims of crimes. 

Crime survivors can visit the website of the Vanderburgh County Crime Victim Resources, or VCCVR, to connect with groups offering assistance.

Twelve county agencies, non-profit organizations, and advocacy groups have partnered with the sheriff’s office, and more can join free of charge.

Sheriff Dave Wedding said victims of a variety of crimes can use the site but it is especially helpful for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

"In years past, people wouldn’t know exactly who to reach out to if they were a victim of a crime so they were left thinking ‘who do I call?'" Wedding said. "When you’re sitting there troubled because you’ve been a victim of a crime, you’d like to have immediate access to ways to help yourself or improve the problem."

The sheriff says victims don’t have to be Vanderburgh County residents to access the site.

The resources can be found at vccvr.org.