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Police hope video of fatal shooting satisfies critics

John Gibson

Evansville Police hope the release of video from Tuesday’s fatal shooting outside the federal building will show the community that the action was justified. 

After a vigil Tuesday night, authorities found statements written in chalk outside the building on Martin Luther King Blvd.

One read “bat vs. 2 guns = excessive force.” Another said “rest in power, Ricky Ard.”

Two police officers – the EPD’s Kenny Dutchke, the other a federal officer – fatally shot the 55-year-old Ard in front of the building.

The videos show Ard was swinging a baseball bat and breaking glass in the building’s front doors, walking away for a few minutes, and then returning to the building and pursuing Officer Dutchke with the bat.

That’s when Dutchke tazed Ard and then shot him. The federal officer also fired at Ard.

EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum says the officers appeared to follow proper guidelines…

("We have seen numerous Facebook posts where individuals have judged this officer or both officers, criticized them, and accused them of murder. I would point out it took longer for those social media critics to log in to their account than it did for our officer to arrive, assess the threat, take action, reassess the threat, avoid his attacker, and take additional action to preserve his  own life.")

Sgt. Cullum says there appeared to be no violation of city police guidelines in the tragedy, but the investigation continues and evidence will be passed on to the prosecutor’s office.

The federal marshal who also fired at Ard has not been identified, but Cullum confirmed he’s a former Evansville police officer.