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Concerned residents join "Gerry Meander"

John Gibson

Dozens of people walked through an Evansville neighborhood Monday evening to call for redistricting reform. WNIN’s John Gibson went along…

The 2.1 mile “Gerry Meander” followed a portion of the line between state representative districts 77 and 78.

On a map, it looks like a thumb – or peninsula -- sticking into another district.

Organizer Kathy Solecki told WNIN it’s time for gerrymeandering to stop.

(The districts should not be drawn to enhance a political party or candidate. They should be drawn to fairly represent the composition of the voters.)

District lines are decided by the party in power – currently the Republicans -- and inevitably they draw the lines to favor their party in elections.

Ann Ennis says it’s causing problems within her own party.

(As a moderate Republican, I feel very strongly that the Republican majority is a good thing but there’s a minority that holds the party captive.)

Democratic State Representative Ryan Hatfield says gerrymandering creates a lack of representation.

(Often times in Indiana, we have statewide elections that go 54-46 percent, but our House is 70-30 and our Senate is 41-9.) 

Ryan and other participants called for the creation of a bipartisan commission to draw district lines. They hope to get it done before the 2020 census.

Credit John Gibson
"Gerry Meander" participants walk along Columbia St. in Evansville