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Wozniak steps up his mayoral campaign

With just six weeks to go before the city election, an independent candidate for Evansville mayor is announcing his platform.

42-year-old entrepreneur Steve Wozniak says the city needs a better communication infrastructure. He’s urging residents to sign a petition to bring Google Fiber to Evansville.

He’s also pushing for industrial hemp and tearing-down blighted homes to improve the city’s core.

WNIN asked Wozniak if he thinks he can compete with Republican incumbent Lloyd Winnecke and Democratic challenger Gail Riecken. He said "one-tenth of a percent is a chance." He says no one's giving him money to run. Instead, he's running for the "best interests" of the city of Evansville.

Wozniak spoke to the news media outside the dilapidated Mesker Amphitheatre, where he says a private-public partnership is needed to revitalize the venue. He also favors renovating the Evansville Coliseum.

Wozniak will take part in the October 22nd Mayoral Debate on WNIN.

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