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Company identified in metal mess

The company responsible for the metal shards on the Audubon Parkway Thursday afternoon that closed down the parkway for six hours and left a number of motorists with flat tires has been identified.

A release from the Kentucky Transportation says Legrand Trucking Company of Madison, Indiana dropped the metal on the road. The company is working with Kentucky State Police and the transportation cabinet on cleanup. They’ve also set up a phone number for motorists who had flat tires or other damage.

The release also says if you drove the westbound Audubon Parkway after 11 a.m. Thursday, you should check your tires for metal that might be embedded, even if you don’t have a flat tire. Motorists with tire damage from the metal spill are advised to document the damage with photos and repair receipts, then call 812-866-1380. According to Legrand Trucking, the number will generally be answered during the day.