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Universities In Southern Indiana Partner To Work With More Diverse Contractors


The collaboration is an effort to be more inclusive and provide a percentage of state budgets to certified minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses.

The University of Southern Indiana and Vincennes University have committed to share best practices and pool resources. 

Vincennes University president, Chuck Johnson, said both institutions are sharing certified supplier and contractor lists, coordinating bid processes, and to be more inclusive. 

“You know, we’re spending the state’s money – the institution’s money, wisely – but what we want to do is make sure is that is reaching communities of color and other communities that are important to our state,” Johnson said.

Both universities are working closely with the Indiana Department of Administration in utilizing new ways to reach out to suppliers and contractors.

Contact reporter Paola at pmarizan@wnin.org or follow her on Twitter at @pmarizan.

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