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VCSO Urges Halloween Safety


Drivers should stay alert for trick-or-treaters

Authorities are urging everyone to play it safe this Halloween. WNIN’s John Gibson has more:

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office says kids should trick-or-treat with trusted neighbors and plan the route ahead of time and find the safest, most efficient route to the candy.

Drivers are urged to turn on headlights early and keep an eye out for kids walking on roadways, medians, and curbs.

Kids should stay on well-marked routes, use sidewalks, and wherever possible, cross the road at a crosswalk.

The sheriff’s office also says avoid candy that is unwrapped, has puncture holes, or is not factory-wrapped.

When in doubt, deputies say, throw the candy out.

Another tip for this year: dress warmly.

Halloween 2023 is one of the coldest on record.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the 30’s this evening, with a low in the upper 20’s Wednesday morning.