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ATF Offers $5,000 for Information on Morton Avenue Warehouse Fire

 ATF vehicles parked at the warehouse fire scene, in front of an excavator moving debris
John Gibson
ATF vehicles parked at the warehouse fire scene, in front of an excavator moving debris

EPD: Reward does not necessarily mean it's a suspicious fire

A reward is being offered for information about last week’s huge warehouse fire in Evansville. WNIN’s John Gibson has the update:

EFD Division Chief Mike Larson talked to reporters at the fire scene one week after the blaze that destroyed the Morton Avenue Warehouse:

"The ATF has offered a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest or conviction of anyone involved in setting this fire. Now, I want to emphasize that this reward does not mean that there's been any criminal activity that they suspect."

Larson suggests it’s part of the process:

"Part of every investigation is about eliminating all possibilities."

More than a week after the blaze erupted, Larson says firefighters are still dousing hotspots:

"Those temperatures are still well above 300 degrees so it's still pretty warm in some of those spots. But again, we have an excavator in there that's helping to expose those and it could be up to another week or so before we actually get this thing fully extinguished."

Larson says the building’s footprint was about 420,000 square feet:

"Basically, the warehouse was empty. If there was anything in it, it was very small amounts of maybe pallets and things of that nature."

At the peak of the fire, 16 of the EFD’s 17 frontline apparatus were deployed – plus a Henderson ladder truck.

About 15 off-duty EFD personnel were called to fire stations with reserve trucks to respond to other emergency calls.