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Jasper Police Warn of Funny Money


Police see rise in counterfeit bills

The Jasper Police Department is warning the public about the circulation of counterfeit bills in the area. WNIN’s Sarah Kuper has more on how to spot a fake bill:

Jasper Police are asking business owners and citizens to pay attention to their money. They aren’t talking about budgeting or saving but rather the look and feel of the five, tens and twenties.

Over the past year, officials have noticed an increase in fake money of all denominations. Now, they are giving the public tips on how to catch the counterfeit before it throws off their bottom line.

Check the borders of the bill for rough or uneven edges, look for foreign markings on the bill, hold the bill up to a light to check for a silver security strip. Real US dollars are printed on linen paper so the bills should feel a specific way and if you can’t tell by feel – currency marker pens can show whether the material is linen or paper made from wood pulp.

JSP says if you suspect money is counterfeit – do not accept it and call the Jasper Police Department.