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Concealed Carry Law Goes Into Effect; Who Can and Can't Carry

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EPD: The law allows more people to carry a gun, but many still can't

Now that Indiana’s new concealed carry law is in effect, who can and can’t be legally armed? WNIN's John Gibson reports:

The Evansville Police Department cites four types of criminal history that no longer prevent Hoosiers from carrying guns in public.

They include a person who was recently convicted of Resisting Arrest, those determined to be a chronic alcohol abuser, those who have shown a propensity for violence and instability, and those with a misdemeanor conviction of Inability to Safely Handle a Handgun.

On its Facebook page, the EPD points out many people are still banned from carrying guns, including convicted felons, anyone convicted of Domestic Violence, a person who has a court order denying possession of a weapon, and anyone who a court has designated as “dangerous.”

Restrictions also remain against carrying guns in places like schools, airports, and casinos.

Indiana State Police and other law enforcement groups were opposed to the Republican-backed bill that passed the state legislature this year.