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Buttigieg Visits Perry County

Biden Cabinet Buttigieg
Ken Cedeno/AP
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Transportation Secretary nominee Pete Buttigieg speaks during a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021, in Washington. (Ken Cedeno/Pool via AP)

The Transportation Secretary touted infrastructure money for Tell City port

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation has paid a visit to Tell City. WNIN’s John Gibson reports:

Pete Buttigieg toured Tell City’s River Port and spoke to a gathering including the city’s mayor and Indiana’s transportation commissioner:

"So, the port came to our department for help and now help is on the way because we have been able to award $1.6 million to improve the Tell City River Port."

Money to fix-up the port will come from the federal infrastructure bill.

The former South Bend mayor and presidential candidate noted the bill got support from both political parties:

"In a Washington climate where most people didn't think you could get a bipartisan anything done, we were able to get this bipartisan infrastructure law done with strong numbers of a lot of Republicans crossing over to join their Democratic colleagues and join the president, coming together to deliver the most significant investment in rural infrastructure since the interstate highway system."

Buttigieg said some politicians who voted against the infrastructure bill have since taken credit for it. He described that as “flattering.“