Two Main Street

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Two Main Street with David James is WNIN's flagship public affairs program in our new home on Evansville's riverfront. Please enjoy the lively one on one interviews conducted by one of the area's most well known journalists.

Two Main Street- EVSC Hangers Program

Aug 16, 2018

David talks with the organizers of the program to make sure EVSC students have good clothes to wear to start the school year.

Two Main Street- Evansville's War Time Museum

Aug 9, 2018
Tommy Housman

David talks with a board member of the museum and a 97-year-old former P-47 pilot who flew a plane mannufactured in Evansville during World War Two.

Two Main Street- Comic Conventions

Aug 2, 2018
Mareea Thomas

David James sits down with movie reviewer Ted Haycraft and comic book artist Todd Fox to discuss comic conventions including the Evansville Museum Geek & Comic Con, the difference between geeks and nerds, the culture of comics, and more. 

Two Main Street- Willard Library

Jul 26, 2018
Tommy Housman

If you like Gothic architecture and ghost stories this episode of Two Main Street is your cup of tea. David talks to Greg Hager about the history of Willard Library, the mysterious Grey Lady, and the adventures of being a librarian.

Two Main Street- Tess Amorim

Jul 19, 2018

When Brazilian actress Tess Amorim came back to Evansville to visit her high school friends, David had the chance to chat with this intelligent, warm and funny young talent.