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When Jade was a sophomore in college, they were arrested and charged with a DUI. They hid their arrest from friends out of shame, and have tried to hide it from employers as well -- so we’ve agreed to use just their middle name for this story.

“The day that I had court, I was like, ‘I have to get this off my record,’” they recalled. “The fact that you have a record, there are places that will definitely not hire you.”

Landmark Police Reform Bill Heads To Governor's Desk

Mar 18, 2021

Landmark police reform legislation is just the stroke of a pen away from becoming law.

Indiana lawmakers are pushing local criminal justice leaders to examine more closely why people are incarcerated.

The Indiana Senate thoroughly rejected legislation Monday that would have tied the hands of local governments when managing their public safety budgets.

(Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said eliminating handgun licenses could have "devastating consequences." Credit: Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

Indiana law enforcement groups are on both sides of a debate over legislation that would no longer require Hoosiers to get a handgun license.